the team


paul romero - owner, head coach,

founder of Makena CrossFit & leader of this team, working tirelessly day & night to find every way to make your experience exceptional. He comes from an adventure /alpine climbing / critical care and ultra endurance background. Sports nutrition, strategy and squeezing every second out of the day is what he does best.


Zach hancock - Olympic Lifting GuRu

Zach - aka Diesel- a California Transplant with a deep skill set. He moves the barbell about as good as anyone you seen, and coaches it just as well. When he’s not coaching he’s mixing his own beats and pursuing his love for surfing.


Preston palmer - The professor

Challenge him on any topic and he'll go toe to toe with you. Plant based gymnast and leads our hospitality team. Preston will make you feel at home and drive you hard when the going gets rough.


melissa rajeesh - mobility coach

Life long Yogi and Gymnastics Tumbling Coach, this mobility genius and super mom will double WOD, surf all day, then AcroYoga into the dark. We dare you to keep up with her. You MUST catch her Mobility class while visiting the island. It’s renowned.


ted zabel - Physiotherapist & Coach

Tall. Smart. Fast...and did we mention smart. He's our physical therapist, and has  a solution for about every orthopedic situation you can throw at him. Expect him putting in extra hours of Oly, and making himself available to assess or treat the team and guests.