CrossFit-cation - your life changing 10-day get away

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The wait is over- Makena Integrative Fitness has developed the dream 10 day get away experience like no other. The famous South Shore of Maui will play host  the most comprehensive, exciting and best valued CrossFit-cation you could ever hope for.

Designed by our head coach, life long athlete, coach, mentor and champion competitor in numerous sports on the world stage, Paul Romero will be on sight to give leadership with the rest of the the Makena Integrative Wellness Team to provide an incredible value for the clients. The headline of the retreat is about complete optimization for the driven athlete. Services range from extensive blood work and analysis, complete primary care physician services on up to complete sport/skill coaching for all level CrossFitters. 

The life changing 10-Day Experience, is for Solo or Couples, and includes:

  • Complete submersion into Makena Integrative Fitness 
    Physician Assessment and consultation, Functional Movement Screening and Strategy provided for direct enhancement.

  • Full Concierge Activity Services (Hike, Surf, Snorkeling, Sunset Boat tours) 

  • 60 minute

  • VIP  access to Makena CrossFit Facility.

  • Concierge Services and access to discount services .

  • Personal 1:1 goal based CrossFit coaching with guarantee to enhance many aspects or your power, speed, endurance and mobility

  • Complete food guidance during your retreat

  • Complete Fitness Apparel /Makena CrossFit Merchandise

  • Total Sports Nutrition Package from our head coach and renowned sports  nutrition coach

  • Ala Carte Training experiences such as Beach CrossFit, Run- Track/Speed, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastic,

Who: The inspired athlete looking for every 1% out of their mind and body. All levels welcome.

When:  Starting May 1st, 2019

Fee: Individual packages starting at $300. Couples packages starting at $500. Seasonal Rates apply: Summer: April 1- October 31st / Winter: Nov 1- March 30.

Body Transformation Challenge

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Starting April 8th, 2019 & back by popular demand, join the ultimate body transformation challenge with Swiss Coach Manu! Check out the amazing testimonials from past participant!

For ONLY 129 US$, you get: 

  • body composition measurement including weight, body fat, muscle mass, resting metabolism, body age, visceral fat before the challenge (in the week before April 8th) & after the 6 weeks

  • customized nutrition guidelines based on current body composition 

  • 24/7 nutrition coaching during the 6 weeks

  • lots of information about healthy nutrition and other factors influencing our bodies

  • secured spot in the follow up app-based program helping you stay on track for the rest of your life (if you join), for more details check out or

  • closed Facebook group access

  • access to recipes of previous groups

Deadline to sign up is April 1st, 2019! Drop by the box or Contact Us!

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Personal Coaching

Join Swiss Coaches Roman or Manu for 1 hour sessions of personal coaching to work on special skills or weaknesses.

3 sessions for 120 US$, single session 50 US$, always during the open gym times.

Temporary Offer. Ends April 22nd 2019! Don’t miss out!

Drop by the box or Contact Us!