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Your CrossFit practice is a non stop journey into skill development that at times can be completely overwhelming. We get it. Our coaches are available for private 1:1 or 1:2 sessions that can be completely custom made for your shortcoming and areas needing development. We train during hours when the box is not operating classes by appointment. Sessions are 60 minute, can be bought in bundle and have a 12hour cancellation policy. Inquire about rates.

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Personal Training At Makena

We know that CrossFit is a lot to consume. There may be pressures and stresses of which we as coaches really don’t want you to have. Friendly competition with yourself and others can be a good thing, but maintaining focus on all movements and equipment may take some people longer than others. We get it. Some private chill 1:1 sessions may be all you need to gain that comfort and slowly move through some exercises that are holding you back and keep you from making gains. Schedule an appointment now, and let’s get to work. Keep in mind our 12hr cancellation policy.

Regardless of your background or history as an athlete, the potential available to you with CrossFit is going to astound you. We believe in dreaming and dreaming big. For some the gains can be rapid and for others there may be more of a journey, but the road of CrossFit always leads to optimization and conquering goals. It does not fail, and that is just the testimony to the great Greg Glassman and all the people that built this methodology and have allowed us to disseminate it right to the community of Kihei on the south shore of Maui. Simply show up, do the work. Respect the coach and the team and watch as your results come your way. See you at the box.

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Maui’s Premier Crossfit Destination

Our goal is to optimize the wellness and fitness of our ‘Ohana. We aim to accomplish this by offering evidence-based, progressive and evolved methods using the best information found in the fitness and wellness world. Makena Crossfit is located in a beautiful spacious facility based on the south side of Maui, the Valley Isle, one of the most picturesque islands in the world.

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Paul Romero
Paul Romero
Makena CrossFit Head Coach

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