Makena Integrative Medicine

The modern athlete requires an array of prevention, coaching, and recovery resources. In our constant pursuit to provide the very best for our athletes, we have acquired the practice of Dr. Majeed, ND to our team. The naturopathic, holistic, and integrative approach is of particular value to our athletes and team goals. Dr. Jawad Majeed, or known to locals as “Dr. Jay,” is a licensed Naturopathic Primary Care Physician, specializing in internal medicine, and offers an individualistic approach to health care.

Makena CrossFit is pioneering a new wave of healthcare by promoting preventative care (seeing the doctor when you are healthy to prevent getting sick, etc.) versus reactive care (seeing the doctor when you are sick, etc.). By having a Naturopathic Doctor ON-SITE we are reaching new heights for our members and transforming their lives. We want you to live a long and healthy life and look good doing it!

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Dr. Jawad Majeed

Modalities include:

IV therapy

Vitamin B injections


Homeopathic internal medicine

Nutrient and nutrition consults


Body work