Fuel and Recovery

Fuel and Recovery.

Perhaps the most under appreciated and yet the most important aspect about being active adult, or an athlete…the fuel and recovery. Well, this is our wheel house. Our program director is renowned fuel and recovery strategist and you’ll find at our facility some of the most progressive and cutting edge products available on the market. We ensure everything is safe, clean and evidence based such that performance and recovery is address. It’s with out certain that with an open mind and a look into the available options that you’ll feel comfortable coming on board with any of the numerous clean and natural products available at our facility. We have long running relationships with our brands and able to speak extensively to benefits and value. Drop by for a chat, we’re here in support. .

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Why Fuel and Recover?

With our proven methods of fueling and recovery you are 100% guaranteed to have gains. Simple. If it’s performance, leaning out, building mass or just accelerating recovery so you can come more and crush your numbers, present us with a challenge, we 100% guarantee to provide benefits. It’s a bold challenge, but we’ve been doing this a long time and we know we can move the needle. Providing solutions within the budget and with clear and comprehensive strategy is what we do. It’s the thing to do these days, focus on recovery. It’s all about longevity. Let’s live this long life in good form. See ya at the box.

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Our goal is to optimize the wellness and fitness of our Ohana. We aim to accomplish this by offering evidence-based, progressive and evolved methods using the best information found in the fitness and wellness world. Makena Crossfit is located in a beautiful spacious facility based on the south side of Maui, the Valley Isle, one of the most picturesque islands in the world.

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